COVID- 19, Virus, Coronavirus


COVID-19 – ANXIETY MANAGEMENT – BLAST #1 BEWARE OF THE INCESSANT SCROLLING!  Scanning headlines, flicking channels and scrolling Facebook? A constant stream of exposure about Coronavirus can keep us in a heighten state of anxiety….. Not to mention… the exposure of incorrect facts, misinformation and everyone else’s opinions and fear based thinking.  Instead…. STOP scrolling […]

Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm

Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm in the Modern Day!

Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm in the Modern Day! One quarter of Australians will experience an anxiety condition in their lifetime. Affective disorders (such as Depression) have been the most common diagnosed mental health disorder for many years However, some recent studies are finding Anxiety disorders to be fast becoming the most prevalent diagnosed mental health […]

Are You Subscribing To The School Of “WHAT IF”

What If…….. What If …. I fail my exam What If…. My partner rejects me What If… My boss says no What If… My fiends don’t like me What If… I look like an idiot Subscribing to the School Of WHAT IF is engaging in the What IF type of thinking. Often we spend a […]