Are You Subscribing To The School Of “WHAT IF”

What If…….. What If …. I fail my exam What If…. My partner rejects me What If… My boss says no What If… My fiends don’t like me What If… I look like an idiot Subscribing to the School Of WHAT IF is engaging in the What IF type of thinking. Often we spend a […]

Dealing With Toxic People

Do you have toxic people in your life? Perhaps it’s a friend, family member, work colleague or employee. Do these people TRIGGER you?Do you find yourself getting HOOKED into rumination, frustration, unpleasant emotion? Here is a quick mindset tip!

***Your Probably NOT going to FEEL Like it!***

🧡Motivation Is Rubbish – Part 2🧡 Here’s the thing, sometimes we actually forget we CAN CHOOSE our action! Instead we don’t take action because we don’t have the “Motivation” or we “Don’t feel like it”……. guess what…….Your Never Going To Feel Like It!!!! Now that we have established that waiting for the motivation or waiting […]