Take Ten Breaths!

Take 10 Breaths

Practicing to breathe effectively can be extremely beneficial in times of stress and anxiety. Why? Because re-regulating the breath helps to communicate to the brain that we are not under threat. This helps to “turn off” the fight and flight survival mechanism responsible for the stress / anxiety response. Once this is switched off we can then engage our frontal lobes, helping us to problem solve and think logically. However, it’s best to practice daily. Even if it’s just ten breaths a day.


1. Take ten slow, deep breaths. Focus on breathing out as slowly as possible until the lungs are empty – allow them to refill by themselves
2. Notice the sensation of your lungs emptying, notice them refilling, notice your rib cage rising and falling
3. allow your thoughts to come and go as if they are cars passing by
4. Expand your awareness: notice your breathing and your body. Then look around and notice what you can see, hear, smell, touch and feel

Reference: Russ Harriss 2009-www.actmadesimple.com


Melissa Johnson

Principal Psychologist/ Director

Thriving Minds Psychology Clinic

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