Sleep is one of the fundamental requirements of living a healthy life, yet many of us don’t pay enough attention to it until there is actually a problem, such as poor attention. Only then do we start to take notice and want to try to understand the nature of sleep.

Just like air, water and food, sleep is essential to human beings. We can cope without sleep for short periods of time, but the longer sleep is deprived, the greater the urge to sleep becomes.

The exact role and function of sleep has been a topic of debate for researchers, but most agree that sleep serves as both psychologically and physiologically restorative purpose.  Delta sleep (stages 3 & 4 – deep sleep) is thought to be most involved with restoring the body and physical energy, while REM sleep (dream sleep) is most important for restoring mental function such as memory and concentration.

Sleep is important for:

General physical health Concentration and memory
Psychological well-being and mood Work performance
Repairing injuries or illness Restoring energy
Growth Getting along with others

Who is this service for?

The physical, emotional and mental symptoms of not getting enough sleep depends on how bad the sleep deprivation is (e.g. no sleep, broken sleep, one night of poor sleep, ongoing chronic sleep problems).

What are the symptoms?

This service is for you if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Poor attention at work, school or university
  • Trouble with remembering things or forgetfulness
  • Reduced concentration levels at work, school or in life
  • Issues with physical coordination
  • Unstable moods such as irritability, feeling low, anxious
  • Fuzzy thinking or foggy head
  • Lower energy levels than you are used to
  • Increased cravings for food such as lollies, chips, pasta or bread

How we can help you...

  • Sleep Psychoeducation – develop a sound understanding of the importance of sleep, the different stages of sleep, the sleep norms, what impacts sleep and how much sleep you need to cope with daily life.
  • Develop a sleep routine and learn about sleep hygiene to help support your body to sleep well each night
  • Adjust your sleep schedule to be more aligned with your circadian rhythms

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