*** Motivation Is …… Rubbish ***

“I just don’t have the motivation”
“I don’t feel motivated”
“If I could just get motivated”
“When I get the motivation I will…..”

Do these sound familiar????

The problem is waiting for the motivation or trying to “find” motivation BEFORE you take action is NOT a good tactic.

Why??? Motivation is fickle…. it’s rarely there when you need it! ….. Motivation Is Rubbish!

How often do you “feel” motivated the night before … you say “Right!… tomorrow morning I am definitely getting up and going for a run!”

…… and then at 4:45am in the cold and dark your alarm goes off….. Motivation… GONE!

Your mind quickly kicks in with 101 excuses why you shouldn’t get up…… “it’s too cold” “I’ll start tomorrow” “who cares” “I deserve a sleep in” “I’m tired” “I’ll do it later” … sound familiar?

Or perhaps it’s this…..

You wake up in the morning and say… “right! ….. tonight I am having an alcohol free night!!!” ….. and then it’s 5pm…. and … Motivation…. GONE!

Your mind quickly kicks is with 101 excuses why you should have a drink……. “I deserve it” “I’m stressed” “it’s been a hard day” “I need to wind down” “I’ll start tomorrow” “who cares” “a few won’t matter”…… you get the idea.

The same applies to so many other examples:
“I won’t eat chocolate”
“I will clean the house”
“I will clean the car”
“I will ask the boss for a promotion”
“I will go to gym”

Motivation…… GONE
This is why motivation is rubbish, this is why waiting for the motivation doesn’t work…

What does work???


TAKE ACTION despite lack of motivation, TAKE ACTION that is aligned with your goals, TAKE ACTION even if you don’t “feel” like it.

****Stay tuned for part 2 with a few of my tips on how to take action in the absence of motivation****

Melissa Johnson
Thriving Minds Psychology Clinic

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