Is this exercise stuff really that good for me?

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Hi everyone, Melissa Johnson speaking, I am the principal psychologist and the Director of thriving mind psychology clinic located here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

I am coming to you today from a beautiful location and I am here because I’m about to actually go and join my exercise class for the evening, so I thought well what an amazing time to talk to you about whether or not exercise its really that good for us, before I do that though I’m going to switch it around so you can have a look at where I am, beautiful beach here on the Sunshine Coast, one of the very many, a little bit overcast down this afternoon, it’s been a beautiful day but this afternoon it’s come across a little bit grey.

I thought I’d have a talk to you about whether or not exercise is really that beneficial for us hence the title of this video today and really the short answer to that is; yes it is, it’s very-very good for us in so many different levels, so physically exercise is amazing for us, it helps to build our muscle mass, it helps to build bone density and of course it improves our cardiovascular health which are all amazing things that helps to combat illness and helps with our aging process but of course what I really want to talk to you about is the benefits of exercise on our mental health, so the reason why it’s so good for mental health and it helps us feel better it helps combat mental illnesses like depression because when we exercise our body releases something called serotonin which is basically a feel-good chemical, so every time we exercise our body will release this serotonin which makes us feel great and also makes us want to continue exercising and continue doing that day in and day out

The other benefits of exercise are that it helps to improve our sleep, well consistent exercise helps improve our sleep it helps to manage stress, it’s an absolute great way to manage our stress levels, it helps improve our memory concentration and our mental clarity, so what we find is people that are consistently exercising actually far more productive at home and in the workplace. So of course, all of those things combined together help to improve our mood help us feel better and they help reduce things like depression anxiety and stress.

The other benefits are, especially if you’re exercising outdoors in these beautiful locations that you’re outside so you’re getting some amazing fresh air you are getting in the sunlight, so you’re getting a good dose of vitamin D which is also really good for us, and of course you just add nature and you just get to take it all in and soak it all in and just be outside and if you are doing your exercise with a friend, so perhaps you’re meeting a friend for a walk or you’re engaging in a group exercise class like I’m about to go and do, it’s also a nice social activity which of course is another thing that’s really helpful for our mental health, so between the serotonin levels between the improved sleep, the improved memory, the improved concentration, the reduced feelings of depression and anxiety and the reduced stress, being outside and hanging out with our friends all combined together to really improve our overall mental health
So I hope you’ve enjoyed this post I could talk about exercise and mental health forever, I won’t, I thought I’d just briefly introduce this topic to you and sort of plant the seed, I have had a few people ask me about well how do you actually just get started how do you get into the habit of exercise and also once you’re there how do you keep going, so what I might do is come to you live on to my Facebook page, to my Facebook community comes you alive and talk about those topics in the next few weeks and I will post on my website when that’s going to happen, so hopefully you can join me live which is awesome because then you can interact with me and ask me questions as we go along.

I hope you really enjoyed this post today please if you’ve enjoyed it press the like or if you know someone that might benefit from hearing about this today please feel free to share it and as always don’t forget that there has never been a day better than today to create more thriving mind and your thriving life.
So, I’m going to leave it at that for now, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day your evening and I will talk to you soon. Bye for now

Melissa Johnson

Psychologist/ Director

Thriving Minds Psychology Clinic