Introducing Adult ADHD Assessments into Your Practice

Reduce Reliance on Medicare; Expand Revenue Streams; Eliminate Clinician Burnout; Empower Adults with ADHD


Running a private allied health business is undeniably challenging! 

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or an owner of a group practice, the difficulties persist – it’s a tough journey!


Striking the right equilibrium between reducing dependence on Medicare, diversifying revenue streams, and assembling a skilled team in an industry with significant shortages can be daunting. Not to mention, nurturing your existing team while ensuring the delivery of top-notch interventions and treatments to your clients and community.

After all, isn’t that what drew most of us to the helping profession in the first place? The desire to assist people and make a genuine difference in their lives in the best possible way!

“Introducing Adult ADHD Assessments into my practice is unequivocally one of the most rewarding business decisions I’ve ever made.”


This venture has not only reignited my passion for assessments and Adult ADHD but has also been a lifesaver for my practice. We now have the opportunity to reach and assist numerous individuals all across AUSTRALIA in ways we never imagined before. The blend of therapeutic intervention and assessments has brought a refreshing diversity to my team, and we’re thrilled about it. Moreover, this additional income stream has provided some much-needed breathing space.


Nevertheless, I must admit, it wasn’t a walk in the park!

When I first embarked on this project, I naively thought I could implement it swiftly. I soon realised how wrong I was! Those familiar with Adult ADHD assessments are aware that there’s no standardised manual or approach for various crucial aspects:

  • Selecting appropriate psychometrics
  • Conducting a thorough clinical interview
  • Interpreting psychometrics effectively
  • Crafting a comprehensive clinical report
  • Conducting an impactful feedback session


The journey was arduous, consuming hundreds of hours, and months of in-depth research to explore every avenue of assessing and diagnosing Adult ADHD. After that, came more months of refining and perfecting our entire process from start to finish. Throughout this journey, I couldn’t help but notice the limited support and training available in our industry to deliver high-quality, reputable assessments, and interventions to clients with ADHD

Did you know?

In Australia, an estimated 815,000 individuals are living with ADHD. However, there remains a concerning issue with the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of Adult ADHD in the country.

But why is this the case?

Over time, I’ve come to realize that the main reason lies in the historical context. Just 15, 20, 30, or even 40 years ago, ADHD wasn’t widely recognised or understood. In the 90s and beyond, there was minimal awareness and acknowledgment of ADHD in children, and unless the child exhibited the stereotypical behavior of hyperactivity, like being overly active and unable to sit still, they were often overlooked or misunderstood. As a result, many cases of Adult ADHD went under the radar


Assisting adult clients with undiagnosed ADHD is a true privilege.

Since incorporating Adult ADHD assessments into our practice, I’ve realized the lack of ample support and training in our industry to deliver top-notch assessments and interventions to clients with ADHD.

Consequently, I’m eager to share my knowledge, insights, and advice with the Allied Health community, not only regarding Adult ADHD but also in providing high-quality assessments and interventions for adults with ADHD. This knowledge-sharing will undoubtedly save you valuable time, money, and effort.

If we’re going to embark on this journey, let’s ensure we do it right.

Introducing the NEW WAY to Conduct Adult ADHD Assessments!




practice owners or individual clinicians who are looking to achieve the following:

  • Reduce their reliance on Medicare and diversify their income streams, potentially adding over $150,000 to their bottom line.
  • Eliminate clinician burnout and enhance workplace satisfaction.

  • Most importantly, make a significant impact by providing valuable support to adults navigating life with ADHD



Melissa Johnson

Meet Melissa Johnson, a passionate Psychologist and founder of Thriving Minds Psychology Clinic.

Back in 2017, Melissa embarked on her journey as a solo practice owner, operating from a modest one-room office within a service office suite. Fast forward to today, and she takes great pride in her flourishing practice situated in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, boasting six well-appointed rooms, and a dynamic team comprising skilled clinicians and dedicated administrative support.

Melissa’s unwavering mission has always been to redefine the therapy experience, and she has successfully achieved this through her carefully curated physical and online spaces. Each setting has been thoughtfully designed to foster feelings of welcome, tranquility, and safety for both her clients and team members alike. With a passion for improving mental health and well-being, Melissa is eager to share her expertise and insights with you


Melissa has recognised the importance of building a sustainable business that ensures long-term stability for her Thriving Minds team, allowing them to serve the community for years to come.

Driven by this purpose, Melissa embarked on a mission to diversify her revenue streams and reduce her practice’s dependence on Medicare. The solution she discovered was introducing assessments into her practice.

Her answer?… Introducing assessments into her practice.

Little did she anticipate that this move would not only ignite a profound love and passion for delivering high-quality assessments to the community but also kindle a deep connection with and understanding of the adult ADHD population.

Now, Melissa is eager to share her knowledge, experiences, and guidance with the Allied Health community. Her desire is to equip others not only with insights into Adult ADHD but also with the expertise to deliver top-notch assessments and interventions for adults with ADHD. Through this knowledge-sharing, she aims to make a lasting positive impact in the lives of countless individuals seeking support and understanding in their journey.




Thanks again for an insightful and engaging webinar!

I first contacted Melissa because I wanted to know more about how to introduce Adult ADHD Assessments into my practice. I found Melissa’s webinar to be interesting, informative and a great introduction into how to introduce these assessments as an additional income stream at my practice. The five pillars were very clear and easy to understand and I can’t wait to take advantage of the comprehensive package to help support me in rolling this out to my team (and save me hours of my own time!)

Gorica – Business owner / Psychologist

Melbourne, VIC

The 5 Pillars to Introducing Adult ADHD Assessments Into Your Practice

Webinar Outline


Knowledge of the Discipline


Embracing assessments in your practice goes beyond mere introduction.

Discovering the GOLD STANDARD of assessments involves delving far beyond the DSM-V criteria. In this module, I’ll take you on a journey to gain a deeper understanding of ADHD, exploring common themes, and shedding light on lesser-known comorbidities.


The Psychometrics

Discover the Recommended Psychometrics and Why.

This will literally save you hours of research. If you have ever looked into this you will probably know there is no “manual” or standardised method on what psychometrics to use in assessing and diagnosing Adult ADHD. We have done the research for you!


The Clinical Interview

One of the most crucial pillars in the process revolves around the clinical interview. In this section, we will introduce to you my tried and tested clinical interview tips and best practice processes.


The Feedback and Recommendation

In this section, we will delve into the vital 3P’s of recommendations. Additionally, we’ll guide you through conducting an effective feedback session and shed light on common client reactions when they receive a diagnosis.


The Pricing

In this section, our focus will be on guiding you through the process of creating a comprehensive fee schedule for your assessments. We understand the importance of factoring in your personal investment of time, as well as that of your team.

The Live Webinar Details


This webinar is conducted live, on a different date each month to accomodate all schedules. UPCOMING DATES:

Thursday – 11/07/2024 @ 10am AEST

Saturday – 03/ 08/2024 @ 1pm AEST

Monday – 26/ 08/2024 @ 10am AEST

Thursday- 12/ 09/2024 @ 10am AEST

Thursday- 03/ 10/2024 @ 10am AEST

approx 90 mins

Choose your date after checkout.


The Introducing Adult ADHD Assessments into Your Practice is a one time payment of



Introducing the Comprehensive Package:


Are you excited about what you’ve seen so far but looking for even more? Don’t want the hassle of setting up the entire process from scratch, consuming valuable time and resources?

Look no further than our Comprehensive Package – the ultimate turnkey solution! With this all-inclusive package, you’ll receive EVERYTHING you need to launch ADHD Assessments in your practice next week! Picture this: front-of-house scripts, streamlined processes, welcoming emails, customizable templates, psychometrics instruction, tailor-made clinical interview schedules, clinician scripts, report templates, and much, much more.

Investing in the Comprehensive Package will prove its worth after just your first three assessments, making it a smart and cost-effective decision for your practice. Say goodbye to the hassle of piecing everything together and embrace the convenience of our Comprehensive Package. Get ready to elevate your practice to new heights!


Admin/ Front of House

  • Flow of assessment process
  • Scripts to maximise front of house conversion
  • Template: – Welcome emails
  • Template: – Your links emails

The Psychometrics and Platforms Playbook

ADHD is under-diagnosed and under treated, in Australia, there is a lack of accurate screening tools

  • We discuss what Psychometrics we use; inline and build upon ADHD Clinical Practice Guideline
  • What Platforms and why
  • Step by step instructions on platform set up
  • Step by step instructions on ordering inventory
  • Step by step instructions on generate links
  • Step by step instructions in generate reports
  • Key issues we have notice with clients completing online assessments

    The Clinical Interview

    •  Clinical interview schedules. What’s available, our recommendations and how to choose the correct interview schedule for your clinician’s
    • Structure of clinical interview: where to dedicate time
    • How to conduct a clinical interview – what to include, what to write and how to check if a client meets the criteria
    • Script for clinician to introduce assessment process to client
    • Tips, common issues, key questions, and comorbidity to look out for

    Knowledge of the Discipline

    We will address…

    • The ADHD and Self-esteem Dance how change in awareness can help
    • The ADHD and Addictions/ Self soothing profile
    • Hyperfocus in adults
    • Hypersensitivity in adults

    … and much more




    • How to proceed if a psychometric is invalid
    • What to do and how to proceed if observer and self-report differ greatly

    Additional screeners

    • Common additional screeners
    • What platform, when to use them, how to interpret them and include them into the report and key recommendations.
    • Navigating multiple comorbidities

    The Deep Dive

    • The deep dive into report writing 
    • Analysing and synthesising all the data and information
    • Report structure & writing the report


    • The 3 P’s of recommendations for clients. Providing clarity and practical strategies clients can immediately commence utilising and improve quality of life

    Conducting Feedback sessions

    • How to conduct an ADHD Assessment Feedback session
    • Common client reactions to feedback
    • Discuss: relief, grief, masking and loved ones

    Finalising and sending the Psychological Report

    • The who’s and when’s of sending the Psychological report
    • Template: – Email templates for sending report to clients

    Case Study

    • Presentation of case study



    Through conducting 50 – 100 assessments, I noticed that existing interview schedules lacked essential details in the background section that I deemed crucial for comprehensive assessments. To address this, I have meticulously adapted a specialised background clinical interview schedule, centred around capturing key and critical elements of a client’s background and history.



    Creating a report from scratch can be a time-consuming process! That’s why I aimed to establish a streamlined approach within my team to produce comprehensive, top-notch, and consistent reports that set the industry standard. Through repeated report writing, we have developed a structured report template that enables us to deliver thorough reports efficiently. These reports typically span from 10 to 15 pages, ensuring we cover all essential aspects while optimising time and effort.



    This package is tailored to meet the needs of the individual business and includes everything listed above and

    • Access to your training portal with all content, templates and scripts
    • Live 90 – 120 min recorded training – Business owner, principal, business manager. Focused on all content and details operations
    • Live 90- 120 min recorded training – Clinical team. Focused on clinically relevant information i.e. knowledge of the discipline, psychometrics, conducting clinical interview, report writing, feedback session, and troubleshooting
    • All training will be conducted online via zoom

    To submit expressions of interest please complete the below contact form or email us at

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    I highly recommend this training program…. Incredible!

    I highly recommend this Comprehensive Package as it exceeds all expectations for administration, the clinical team, and business owners alike. It has proven to be a valuable time-saving investment, allowing us to streamline our existing processes effectively. The feedback from our clinical team has been overwhelmingly positive, with both new and experienced team members expressing significant gains in knowledge and information. The resources provided by Melissa, along with the bonus material, are simply incredible. The value of this package in terms of time saved for our practice is immeasurable. 

    Chelsea – Principal Psychologist

    Brisbane, QLD