Hey Super Mum. Are you like me, are you a NOT so “Super Mum”? Do you feel pressure to be busy? To tick all the boxes? Do you feel the need to be able to say ….. YES
YES ….I go to yoga, pump class, have a clean house, never wear clothes that are not ironed or stained.
YES…. my children are angels, yes I only feed my children organic, made from scratch food. Yes I always love and appreciate my partner, Yes I love cooking and cleaning. Yes we don’t own screens and my children never watch TV
Yes… I’m a great friend, I always text back immediately.
Yes…. I love every minute with my children… even when they have woken up 5 times every night for the past week, even when they smeared poop on the wall, even when they are throwing a tantrum in the shopping centre and I am carrying one under my arm while pushing the trolley one handed…. and where is the other child gone??
YES ….. I have my sh!# together, YES I have a well balanced life, Yes I Love my life!!!
YES…. I am 100% confident in my ability as a mum, partner and NEVER have self doubt.
Guess what! There is no such thing! Yes I know we may see this in social media and sometimes with our friends. However, please remember that Insta photo, Facebook post or coffee with a friend is just a moment in time. It’s a snap shot. Please don’t compare yourself to these snapshots.
Two Things:
1. It’s ok to strive towards a balanced life. In fact, I advocate it. I strongly believe in exercise, nutrition and mummy time. However, when “ticking the boxes”, make sure they are boxes YOU WANT TO TICK. Boxes that are important to you. Boxes you like to do. If you don’t like yoga… don’t do it. Find something else for YOU.
2. There is no such thing as perfect! Nope, only imperfection. Take imperfect action and be ok with the crappy days and be thankful for the smoother days.
P.S ****************
If you feel like the duck on the pond. Looking beautiful and graceful on top and padding like crazy underwater. I can help. As a Psychologist of 10 year’s and a mother of 2 boys under the age of four. I am busy like you and I love helping mums with finding the balance that’s right for them. I love helping mums find their confidence. I love helping mums shift their mindset. I love helping mums quiet that inner critic.
If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Until then…. be an IMPERFECT mum x
Melissa Johnson
Psychologist/ Director
Thriving Minds Psychology Clinic
0428 088 671