Adult ADHD Assessment and Intervention  

Thriving Minds Psychology is based in Maroochydore, the heart of the Sunshine Coast. We provide assessment and intervention for Adults with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). We have a team of qualified professionals with postgraduate qualifications who can help adults who are showing signs of ADHD

About Adult ADHD

In Australia, it is estimated that there are about 815,000 people living with ADHD. Unfortunately, ADHD in adulthood is poorly recognised, underdiagnosed and undertreated in adults in Australia. This is of particular concern due to the adverse impact of ADHD on nearly every aspect of an adult’s life.

ADHD presents differently in Adults then it does in children. Adults tend to present in a more subtle manner. Adults start to create mechanisms of coping and or overcompensating. So externally, it can seem that a person is highly functional and very organised. When really there is a constant feeling of ‘having 1000 browser tabs open” in the mind at once.

Adults with ADHD tend to report issues with:

  • NDifficulty getting started on tasks
  • NDifficulty completing tasks
  • NPoor attention; excessive distractibility
  • NImpulsivity; saying or doing things without thinking
  • NExcessive and chronic procrastination
  • NFrequently losing things
  • NPoor organization, planning, and time management skills
  • NForgetfulness
  • NMarital discord

Not every person with ADHD displays all of the symptoms, nor does every person with ADHD experience the symptoms of ADHD to the same level of severity or impairment. Some people have mild ADHD, while others have severe ADHD resulting in significant impairments. ADHD can cause problems in tertiary educational settings, at work, home, in parenting, and can affect other tasks of daily living.

Thankfully, ADHD is one of the most treatable psychological concerns. Therefore, early detection and diagnosis can have a highly beneficial impact on an adult who has ADHD.

What Individuals say About Receiving Confirmation of ADHD as an Adult


Q : As an adult, what was it like to receive an ADHD diagnosis?

A: “It was the happiest day of my life. Without a shadow of doubt, because finally I could understand what it was that had shaped me more than anything else in my life. I was absolutely elated when I found out” Andy Hutchinson – Insight season 2022 ep 1


Q: How did you feel when you were told you had ADHD at 28 years old?

A: “It was such as relief! My partner came home and said” “why are you crying” “I said … I’ve just understood myself. It was like everything made sense. I didn’t feel dumb anymore, I had a path moving forward” 
Lizette lee – Insight season 2022 ep 1

The Adult ADHD Assessment Process:


Step 1: The Referral

In the first instance, if you are worried about any aspect of your functioning, development or mental health, we recommend you start by discussing your concerns with your General Practitioner. Your GP is your primary health provider, and it is always beneficial to have your GP involved in your health concerns. However, a GP referral is NOT required to commence your confirmation of ADHD.

Step 2: Contact Us

Contact our friendly team on 07 5408 8788 or contact us via our online form here. Our team will provide you with a detailed explanation of the assessment process and provide estimated costs and time frames.

Step 3: Intake Session

Following best practice guidelines, all of our adult assessments start with an intake session. In this session, the psychologist will ask you questions about your concerns, abilities, strengths, difficulties, challenges and developmental history.

Step 4: Assessment

Psychometric testing using validated psychometric tools designed to assess adult ADHD. You will receive 3 -4 Assessment Questionnaires in online format which can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

Step 5: The Deep Dive

Your psychologist will then take a deep dive, spending many hours reviewing your intake and assessment sessions thoroughly and completely. They will then formulate your written report, recommendations and feedback session.

Step 6: Feedback & Report

A feedback session will be scheduled approximately 3-4 weeks after completion of the assessment. In this session, your psychologist will provide you with a written report and verbal explanation of the assessment results and recommendations. 

Our priority is providing comprehensive reports and feedback in simple language to help you understand what the results reveal. The emphasis of our reports is on recommendations and strategies. We provide practical, easy to adopt recommendations and strategies for you to commence using in order to make immediate improvements in the quality of your life and functioning.

Additional Options:

Second Feedback Session:

We offer a second feedback session as we understand how overwhelming all this new information can be. This provides you the time and opportunity to process your written report and initial feedback session and then come back and ask clarifying questions and discuss strategies and recommendations. Loved ones are welcome to join this session if you would find this helpful.

Ongoing Therapy / Counselling for ADHD:

We offer ongoing therapy to assist with managing the symptoms of ADHD. Evidence based treatment for ADHD includes a combination of medication with therapy. In cases of mild ADHD therapy can be a stand alone treatment.
Evidence based therapies for ADHD include:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Anger Management
  • Interpersonal skills: improving self esteem and social interaction with peers
  • Marriage and / or Family Counselling: helps all family members to understand and cope
  • Time Management and Organisational Skills training – learning skills that are tailored to adults with ADHD.

Online Self-Paced 8 Week Course:

With over 40 years combined experience, join the collaboration of three highly experienced psychologists and practice owners: Tehani Gunasekara, Karen Martin and Melissa Johnson on an 8 week journey. This course will provide you with education, strategies and practical tips aimed to improve problems in study,  jobs and career, at home, in the family and other relationships, and with tasks of daily living.

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Will I Receive a Formal Diagnosis of Adult ADHD?

Formal diagnosis of Adult ADHD requires a multidisciplinary approach. This includes your General Practitioner, Psychologist, Psychiatrist and, at times, other medical specialists. At Thriving Minds Psychology Clinic, our psychologists provide you with a written report and verbal explanation of the assessment results. This includes an indication if you meet the criteria for Adult ADHD diagnosis. Our reports can be reviewed by a Psychiatrist who may confirm diagnosis and prescribe medication where appropriate.

Our experience has been that most adults experience significant relief when receiving confirmation of meeting the criteria of Adult ADHD. It’s an experience that “everything makes sense” and they can move on from beating themselves up and instead focus on understanding how their brain works, understanding their “ADHD superpowers” and learning new ways to adjust, improve performance and success in their daily lives.

At Thriving Minds Psychology Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive reports and feedback in simple language to help individuals understand what the results reveal about them. We use assessment tools with sound psychometric properties and our assessments are carried out by trained professionals. The emphasis of our reports is in the recommendations and strategies to provide practical, easy to adopt recommendations and strategies for you to commence using in order to make immediate improvements in the quality of your life and functioning.

How much will it cost?

The cost of an assessment depends on many factors, and a price will be provided to you after you have submitted an enquiry.  However, as a guide you can expect to pay between $1500 and $2100 for an adult assessment.

Will I be prescribed medication?

Our team of qualified professionals provide comprehensive assessment and treatment of adults who are showing signs of ADHD. The assessment process utilises evidenced based psychometrics and a structured clinical interview aimed to assess if an adult meets the criteria for ADHD.

Psychologists can diagnose ADHD; however, initial medication is only prescribed by a psychiatrist or a paediatrician in Australia when medication has stabilised; in some circumstances, ongoing management can be conducted by a General Practitioner

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Payment Plan:

We offer payment plans for our ADHD assessment packages in order to make them as accessible as possible. We have implemented a payment plan for 4 x fortnightly or monthly payments. Or you can pay in full and get started right away

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