Dealing With Toxic People

Dealing With Toxic People

*** Dealing With Toxic People ***

*****Read on for a quick mindset tip *****

Do you have toxic people in your life? Perhaps it’s a friend, family member, work colleague or employee.

Do these people TRIGGER you?…….

Do you find yourself getting HOOKED into rumination, frustration, unpleasant emotion….. you know…. that yucky gut feeling…. tight chest…… utter frustration burning you up… stopping you from sleeping!

Here’s the thing…. usually when we are TRIGGERED by someone else’s behaviour, words or actions it is because they are acting in a way that is incongruent with our VALUES.

This is a good way to actually become more attuned to your values.

Perhaps this person is acting unprofessional, rude, aggressive, disrespectful, running late, untidy, disorganised, unkind…. if this is triggering you it’s a good indication you have STRONG VALUES in this area….

Step 1: use it as a learning experience to explore and identify your values…. and then YOU ACT ALIGNED with your values …… always….. don’t get dragged into being reactive, revengeful or behave poorly just because this person IS…. that’s their crap… not yours!

Step 2: Try switching your mindset from:

“Why should I”
“Why is this happening”
“This is awful”
“I wish it would go away”
“I can’t do anything”
“This always happens to me”
“Bad things happen to me”
“It will never work”
“I will never be good at this” ………..etc!!!!!!

To This:


I get to learn how to deal with difficult people
I get to practice my assertive skills
I get to learn about my values
I get to problem solve
I get to learn how to sit with uncomfortable emotions
I get to always act aligned with my values
I get to understand what’s Important to me
I get to learn
I get to form new relationships, friendships
I get to grow

Fill in the blank

I get to…….
I get to…….
I get to…….

Melissa Johnson
Thriving Minds Psychology Clinic

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Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson

Principal Psychologist and Director

Melissa Johnson, Principal Psychologist and Director of Thriving Minds Psychology Clinic, a private psychology clinic based in Buddina in the heart of the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD. Melissa has extensive experience  treating a full range of clinical conditions including: anxiety, depression, bipolar, trauma and PTSD, obsessive disorders and pain management.  She has a particular interest working with families in the perinatal period who are trying to conceive, progressing through pregnancy and adjusting to  a new born baby.  And with busy professionals experiencing chronic stress and anxiety, burnout and struggling to establish the elusive work life harmony. If you would like to book an appointment with Melissa you can call our clinic on P: 0428 088 671 or email on



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