A Psychology Practice that redefines the experience of therapy.

Located in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, Thriving Minds Psychology Clinic offers counselling  and psychology services for adults, couples, children, teens and families.

We understand that accessing counselling and therapy can feel clinical and anxiety provoking. At Thriving Minds Psychology Clinic we aim to do things differently. 

Therapy is for everyone; for issues big, small and everything inbetween.

Thriving Minds Psychology Clinic is a private psychology practice located in the heart of the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Maroochydore. We have highly skilled and compassionate therapist who have experience working with a broad range of presenting concerns across the lifespan. 

Each of our therapists have different interest, training and therapeutic frameworks which are grounded in evidence based interventions. In addition to providing counselling and therapy for clinical disorders, we are passionate about providing coaching and guidance to clients in all aspects of their lives including personal, social and professional to help achieve balanced healthy and fulfilling lifestyles.

Collaboration & Partnership

We work closely with clients, referrers and other health providers to ensure the best outcomes for clients.


Highly Experienced Practitioners

Our practioners provide therapy grounded in evidence based interventions. We constantly strive for excellence.

Registered Medicare Provider

Thriving Minds Psychology Clinic is registered as a Medicare provider for Psychological Strategies. Available for use with a referral from your general practitioner.


Extended hours of service

Accessibility to therapy is important. We offer hours of service between 8am – 9pm in a range of session formats incluing one-one-one, groups and virtual sessions.

How We Can Help You…

We believe in the importance of connection with your psychologist.

Research tells us that the most significant predictor of a positive outcome for therapy is the relationship someone has with their therapist. This factor has been shown to be even more important than what interventions, strategies or techniques are used in counselling. It is crucial you are connected with someone you can relate to and build a strong, trusting relationship with.

At Thriving Minds Psychology, we place great importance on the intake process. We take the time to match our clients with the right psychologist based on individual needs and our teams diverse skill set, therapy frameworks and personality.

Meet our Team

Melissa Johnson

Psychologist/Director/Keynote Speaker

Nikki Horsford

Registered Psychologist

Lauren Dearlove

Registered Psychologist

Melanie Williams

Provisional Psychologist

Are you ready to take the next step?

We are dedicated to redefining your experience of therapy. Our client support team is available to support you with questions and enquiries. Booking your appointment is easy, call us on 0428 088 671 or book online by following the link below

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LEGO CLUB – A Social Skills Group!

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